Childhood Friends and the Pursuits of a Restless Spirit

It must be the fact that I’m edging on the age of 30.  I haven’t experienced nostalgia to the extent that I have this year as of yet.  I’m finding this real fulfillment in reconnecting with friends that I haven’t spoken to in more than ten to twenty years.  Maybe it’s because I’m reminding myself of my roots.  Maybe I’m simply remembering who I am.  Does anyone relate to this?

I recently connected with an old friend.  The first kat I ever played music with.  We started a band when we were about eleven and called it “The Babies”.  Later on it morphed into “Joker’s Wild”, and had many different random members.  So by the time I was a teenager I was finding my identity as a musician, artist and writer.

I didn’t realize how vital that friendship was until I reconnected with this dude.  We hadn’t spoken in about sixteen years.  But I found that he was still playing some really great music.  I myself make a somewhat meager yet livable salary as a musician as well.  It made me look at most people my age and realize that they had taken a job for reasons of money.  But not so with my old friend and I.  We were both continuing to follow a dream we dreamed up in sixth grade.

So of course I had to write a song for this friend, in the midst of a realization of why I am who I am- and to never give up on pursuing a dream so deeply ingrained.

I made a video for the song as well.  It’s called “266 West Streetsboro Street”- my old address in those days:


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