I Have Problems

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Hey all,

Because I’ve at times written blogs that provoke and offend certain friends of mine I’ve known and worked with for the Lord, I want to write a blog about my faults to remind them that I certainly have problems as well!

1.  I’m by nature a rebel.  My Dad grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and thwarted “the man”- played in a rock and roll band for a living, and had a distaste for institutions like many in his generation.  I inherited this issue and at times I’m extreme in my analysis of religious institutions in particular.  This doesn’t excuse my sin.  It’s the reason why I realize how important it is for me to stay involved in the church and not rebel against it.  But it’s also the reason why I come off critical at times.  Lord Jesus help me to grow!

2.  I’m disorganized at times.  I rely on people who are organized to keep me on track.  I guess one good result of this is that I tend to be creative and able to take risks on a whim- like going into ghettoes or bars and hanging with people.  But it also leads me to be scattered at times.  I’m grateful to have a wife that keeps me on task.  I’m also grateful to have worked with so many great people in ministry that are taskmasters.  I wouldn’t be able to thrive without you!

3.  I’m blindly idealistic.  I see the way things should/ought to be.  This leads me to struggle with reality and logic.  I’m able to cast a vision for the ideal but have a tough time taking the steps to get there.  Again- this is where I work tremendously well with practical people.  They just have to believe in my gifting and vision and then they’re able to help me accomplish my goals.

4. I’m stubborn, but teachable!  As much as I’ll blast an opinion out there fiercely, if someone points out to me a sound, biblical argument that points me to greater conscience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, then I will change my ways.

So if any of you are offended by what I write, I hope we’ll become friends!  🙂  Please leave a comment and let’s talk, or even better let’s grab coffee and talk face to face!


2 thoughts on “I Have Problems

  1. Our greatest leanings come with our biggest struggles. I remember when I tried to get back into education, a principal at one of the interviews told me he would never hire someone who had been out of the field for as long as I had. I thought that might be everyone’s thought. However I kept applying and lo and behold there was someone out there that wanted who I was. So keep plugging and your nitch will appear.

    When I was out looking in I noticed how coddled the teachers were who had the jobs. They grumbled at the most mundane things. When I got in I noticed that it was a good thing to be in and I felt blessed even when I worked 12 hour days. And that I did when I got back in. I had a lot to learn and relearn.

    • Kathy that’s very helpful and very encouraging. I do realize that I have a niche and a place where I belong- where I will grow and be able to be myself and thrive. It’s good to know that we all have that- and all we have to do is do our absolute best with what we’ve been given.

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