Where the “Post-Mod/Emergent/Hipster/Whatever the Latest Buzzword” Church Has Failed

smoker no. 85

Image by filtran via Flickr

A lot of churches that have popped up in our “postmodern era” have had weird leaders, poor examples to both Jesus lovers and those outside of the Christian community.

I’ve seen perceivably dynamic communities full of disciples of Jesus.  And people who don’t love God, or Jesus, or Christianity are drawn to those communities because they’re loved in a unique way.

But the question that communities like this should be asking is “are we loving people towards the Jesus of the Bible, or are we just stroking people’s anti-establishment egos?”  There are many ‘churches’ (I don’t even know if church is the right word) these days that exist to oppose everything that Evangelical America stands for.  The good thing is that many of these places are opposing materialism, shallow community, plastic Christian phoniness, greed, ultra-polished Sunday morning hypocrisy and other forms of American Christianity that aren’t Biblical.  The bad thing is that these ‘churches’ are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  They are now, in an effort to reach those outside of the church, becoming anti-biblical.  This is totally dangerous.  The ‘disciples’ coming out of these communities are people who call themselves Christians and yet get drunk regularly, talk like non-Christians, misinterpret the Bible, criticize everything, live lazy and irresponsible lives and basically promote a gospel-free type of Christianity that doesn’t save anyone but more likely “travels over land and sea to win one single convert, and makes them twice as much a son of hell as they are” (Matthew 23:15)

I’ve also had friends that have been drawn into these communities for all the right reasons at first.  It’s understandable to see a disconnect between the Christianity of America and the dynamic discipleship of the apostles and disciples in the New Testament.  It’s also shocking to compare the words of Jesus to the way that American Christians live.  But some of these friends have adopted a reverse form of pride.  They think they’re more spiritual than everyone else because they follow the “radical” things of Jesus- like identifying with the poor and outcast, etc.  But they have adopted beliefs and values that are unbiblical in an effort to reach people who aren’t Christians.  They think if they simply love people then people will know Jesus, but don’t think that truth matters.  They’re at the point where they think that all truth statements (and the Bible contains MANY!) are just offensive.  They believe in a false god who doesn’t want to make anyone feel bad about their sin- so all the people that surround them live however they want, and so do they.  This makes it seem like our God and Creator doesn’t care how we live, but it’s clear in the scriptures that He is concerned about this.  We are to “act as free men, and not use our freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves of God.” (1 Peter 2:16)



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