Entertainment Industry: The Venus Fly-Trap of Insecurity, (and a way to truly appreciate humans for their intrinsic value)

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A pair of young dudes are good friends and play music together.  One of them is extremely talented and the other is mediocre.  When the talented one gets offered a record contract he’s asked to can the less talented one and he’ll get signed…

A high school has a janitor that’s been working there for 35 years- he’s now 75 years old and is getting slower and less capable of doing the work.  The school board pressures the principal, telling him that he must fire the janitor…

We all have ethical dilemmas that involve the philosophy of “utilitarianism”.  Here’s a wikipedia definition:

Utilitarianism (also: utilism) is the idea that the moral worth of an action is determined solely by its usefulness in maximizing utility as summed among all sentient beings.

There is certainly a principle of excellence that must be considered when people are put into certain positions.  Someone that is hired to fix plumbing in a house should be an experienced plumber, someone that sings in the professional opera must have great vocal training and a pleasing tone to their voice.

But there are also times when this principle can go too far.  When people are merely seen for their talents/abilities/looks/etc. and not their character, then we have problems.  This is why the entertainment industry is somewhat of a Venus Fly Trap for insecure human beings.  Many individuals get sucked into it and are sold for their talents or young good looks, etc.   Then time happens and trends change and the people are left empty and career-less, a mockery in the tabloids.

What we really need are timeless values that transcend the principles of utility.  Mainly- that we are all created in the image of God and should be viewed in light of that (Gen. 1:27).  This makes the playing field even, because everyone has different gifts to differing degrees- so we’re really all the same.  The only thing that mars the beauty of those gifts are flaws in character (i.e. “sin”)


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