Bulgaria Trip: Day One

Airport welcome sign.

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Hey everyone!

I thought it would be a cool idea to share thoughts during this trip Sarah (my wife), Ralph, Bonnie & Anthony Gatti are taking to Sofia, Bulgaria.

For those that don’t know, we’ll be doing some mission work as well as traveling out there, including- playing music in a local cafe & church, working in an English language camp, teaching a music workshop, and generally making good friends with some of the locals.

So right now we sit at Hopkins airport in Cleveland, Ohio, waiting to take a flight to Newark, New Jersey, then onto Munich, Germany, and finally in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Throw up a prayer for our long voyage- 16 hours with layovers!  I’ll keep putting updates out.


6 thoughts on “Bulgaria Trip: Day One

  1. This is such a wierd coincidence. I just dropped a friend of mine off at the airport a few days ago on his way to Bulgaria. From there he was going to his fiances house in Romania but stil, what are the odds. Good luck, and have a safe trip and return journey.

    • That’s totally wild JT! Sounds like you and I have had a few weird coincidental run-ins- like seeing you at the Indians game a while past while you were in town. Hope you’re doing well man.

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