Bulgaria Trip: Day Two & Three

Had a long day of flying yesterday.  Cleveland, OH to Newark, NJ, then an 8 hour flight from Newark, NJ to Munich, Germany, then another 2 hour flight from Munich, Germany to Sofia, Bulgaria.  A lot of traveling, but definitely worth it.  Jet Lag has worn off considerably as we head into day three of our voyage.

We spent the morning walking through downtown Sofia.  We are staying at a great little Bed & Breakfast right in the middle of downtown.  A business associate & friend of Ralph Gatti (who we are indebted to for being a great close friend, funding our trip & taking us here!) owns the B & B and we are fortunate to be staying in a nice place with a nice bed.

We saw a number of old cathedrals/churches on our walk, one being the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is a famous orthodox church in the city.  Orthodoxy is a huge thing in Sofia.  While inside, I noticed many people going up to kiss pictures of orthodox saints and bowing down in prayer to the pictures of them on the wall.  We talked to Ralph and Bonnie (his wonderful wife), and they told us how this devotion to Eastern Orthodoxy in Bulgaria is a great conversation catalyst.  They have many friends who are a part of the Eastern Orthodox church and great spiritual conversations come within these relationships.

We’ve eaten a great amount of food here, and enjoyed the potency of European coffee.  It’s 4:08pm in Sofia, Bulgaria, and 9:08am Eastern Standard time.  The caffeine from the potent coffee has worn off, and it’s time for a mid-day nap (a great European pastime that should be instituted in America more often!)  So I’ll sign off now and catch up later!


2 thoughts on “Bulgaria Trip: Day Two & Three

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