Bulgaria Trip: Day Four

Sipping on a seriously strong cup of Nescafe instant coffee while writing this.  For some reason, Nestle is a big deal out here in Sofia, Bulgaria!  Just enjoyed a great mountain hike with a great missionary family and their three children.  Marty- the Father of the family, was the first local in Bulgaria to join the staff with the Navigators when they began their work here.

I really enjoyed time with Marty’s son, a ten year old little fireball who had a hunger to go off the beaten path with me and climb on boulders in the trail.  We had a great view of Sofia as we neared the peak.  We turned back a little before because we had such a large group with us and not everyone wanted to go to the top, and besides, we were lower on water than we wanted to be.

That’s been our day so far!   Tomorrow I turn 30 in Europe!

A little story I forgot to share from day one of our trip (jet lag can do a number on you!):

While on the first plane ride from Cleveland, Ohio to Newark, New Jersey, I was trying to figure out where to put my guitar on the plane, and a happening kat told me where to put it so that they would take care of it.  He was wielding a guitar himself.  The guy couldn’t have been more hospitable and kind.  It ended up that he had a seat next to us on the plane.  He told us about himself- his name was “Seven”- the lead singer for a country group called “Whiskey Falls”.  Here’s a link to know more about them:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yFVhOpaUZc.  He shared with us all of the great opportunities they’d had playing all around the world.  He told us he was heading into New York City to check out a TV show that they were going to do music for.  We all relaxed and napped during the flight.  While picking up our guitars and chatting further after landing, I got to share a bit of how the music we play is mostly about our faith, life & struggles in following Jesus.  He shared how he was raised Catholic and a lot of those values had stayed with him, and his band had even written a tune that had such faith filled imagery that it was picked up by a few Christian radio stations.  I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me, and gave him a little leather-bound bible I was carrying.  I just told him, “hey man- read this for what it really says- it’s had a huge impact on my life and I felt you should have it.”  He was really grateful for the gift and said he would check it out.

Now, it doesn’t matter at all what he does with the bible.  But these are certainly what kingdom moments are all about- doing life and running into cool people, and in the midst even getting to share our love for Jesus.


More updates on their way!  We’ll be spending Wednesday and Thursday doing more fun stuff in Sofia, and then onto Shumen, Bulgaria, where we get to start doing the work we really came to do.


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