Easter For the Millennial Generation


We live in a world of quick fixes…  Mass media technology gives us quick answers from wikipedia and the online dictionary.  If I wanted to use a more impressive version of the word “quick” I could look on the online thesaurus and in a manner of seconds, change the word to “cursory”, in order to sound more intelligent than I am.  

This spills into our spirituality as well.  As the Millennial generation resurrection Easter season approaches, we will still be moving at a faster pace than we ourselves can handle.  It will be difficult, even for many of us who will go to some sort of church building, temple, or cathedral today, to stop and ponder the significance of this day.  Some of us won’t even wish to do this, and maybe listen to some sort of online message, or even read this blog and say it is enough spirituality for the day, because we’d wish to not be subjected to the scrutiny of peers.

We’re in good company to some extent!  Two-thousand years ago there was a man named Thomas who literally saw Jesus, the God-man he had walked with for 3 years and given up everything to follow, and didn’t buy it.  He had a reaction akin to Jack White of the White Stripes and seemed to almost exclaim, “I was walking with a ghost, I said please, please don’t exist!”  That may be an exaggeration, because Thomas likely wanted to believe, but couldn’t find it in himself to do so.

So Jesus asked Thomas to stick his fingers in His nail pierced side.  Pretty intense, I know!  Jesus then tells Thomas, “stop doubting and believe”.  Thomas replied by exclaiming “My Lord and my God!”  And then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  

This account from the ancient text of the scriptures can teach us many things.  For one thing, Jesus commands Thomas to believe, and Thomas does!  This shows the power of God to usurp the human will at times, especially within the willing heart of an individual.  

Fast forward two-thousand years later, and our mass media saturated generation that so quickly dismisses things that don’t seem appealing or easy has something to learn.  Jesus says, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  

Now I do think that Jesus can reveal Himself however He wants to whomever He wants at whichever time He wants!  Thomas literally got the chance to see him face to face, and yet still hesitated.  Some of us may read about Jesus in the Bible and hesitate, or accept Him on a mere intellectual level.

I would challenge you that if you truly come to God with a naked soul today, and simply ask Him to reveal who He TRULY is to you today, minus religious pretensions you may have experienced, or the fact that you feel unworthy yourself, Jesus will show up for you and invade your heart with the same words as He did Thomas, “stop doubting and believe!”  He certainly did for this crazy kat, who was strung out and hopeless and with an open heart and mind truly asked Him to show Himself.  He will for you too…  but are you willing to respond to true truth when it is staring at you with undeniable grandeur?


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