Does Prayer Blow Your Mind?

Paul remembered Timothy constantly in his prayers night and day, because he loved and cared for him.  In this instance, Paul is caring for and praying for someone he has been a mentor to, and has entrusted him with care over a ministry.

I think we ought to develop the same kind of love for others, so that people might see the unconditional love of God ooze out of us.  Then when asked about it, we won’t be able to help but say that we are tapping into the only true source of unconditional love- Jesus Himself.

I’ve had experiences praying lately that have blown my world apart.  I recognize that God puts a love for people on our hearts.  Some of them may be those who follow Jesus, and we should pray for them with a great love and urgency.

Others may be those who don’t follow Jesus, and we should pray for them with the same kind of urgency.  Early in Paul’s first letter to Timothy this is reiterated when he writes, “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people”.  Then Paul goes on to say that we should pray for leaders in government (of course whether we agree with them or not…  but that’s for another post)  🙂  God’s heart is always bursting and available for us to connect with.  He wants us to love people as He does.  When He puts people on our heart we should pray for them… wherever we are and whatever we’re doing.

Last night I was praying for a couple that I know are going through some hard times at a prayer meeting.  None of the people in the meeting knew these two, but I felt compelled to pray for them in the presence of others.  I got a text last night before I was about to retire to slumber from the girl in the couple, telling me that she wasn’t sure what kind of vibe I threw out into the universe, but that her and this guy had a good talk and come to a better understanding.

This is the power of prayer.  It’s not as if I heard this news and said, “Oh yeah, of course…”  I was like, “Wow, are you serious?”  God wants to blow our minds.  He wants us to see that He really is powerful, He really is there, He really is in control.


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